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Section 122.2 (Federal Definitions Applicable to NPDES Program) of Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations (HTML) Section 122.26 (Federal Rules Applicable to State NPDES Storm Water Permits) of Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations Section 122.28 (Federal Rules Applicable to State NPDES General Permits) of Title 40, Code of Federal Regulations

--For purposes of paragraph (1) and section 72(n), the term " consideration for the contract " means, in respect of any individual, the sum of-- (A) the total amount of the reductions before January 1, 1966, in his retired or retainer pay by reason of an election under chapter 73 of title 10 of the United States Code, and

In the case of a member or former member of the uniformed services of the United States, gross income does not include the amount of any reduction in his retired or retainer pay pursuant to the provisions of chapter 73 of title 10, United States Code. (b) Special rule (1) Amount excluded from gross income

(i) 6 months after the date on which the application for patent is first published under section 122 by the Office, or (ii) the date of the first rejection under section 132 of any claim by the examiner during the examination of the application for patent. (2) OTHER REQUIREMENTS.—Any submission under paragraph (1) shall—

An applicant who has made a request under clause (i) but who subsequently files, in a foreign country or under a multilateral international agreement specified in clause (i), an application directed to the invention disclosed in the application filed in the Patent and Trademark Office, shall notify the Director of such filing not later than 45 d...

Section 122- Penalty for certain offences under GST The section declares the offences that attract penalty as a consequence, apart from the requirement to pay the tax and applicable interest.

§ 122.1 General definitions. The following definitions apply in this part, unless otherwise stated: ( a) Aircraft. An "aircraft" is any device now known, or hereafter invented, used or designed for navigation or flight in the air. It does not include hovercraft. ( b) Aircraft commander.

The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations Title 19 Displaying title 19, up to date as of 6/02/2023. Title 19 was last amended 4/10/2023. view historical versions Title 19 Chapter I Part 122 Subpart C § 122.27 Previous Next Top eCFR Content § 122.27 Documents required. ( a) Crewmembers and passengers.

§ 122. Specific powers. Every corporation created under this chapter shall have power to: (1) Have perpetual succession by its corporate name, unless a limited period of duration is stated in its certificate of incorporation;

Consistent with Section 122, RAND conducted this work independently and submitted this report directly to Congress and the Secretary of Transportation in January 2020. Key Findings Running an airport like a business is complicated by a patchwork system of federally authorized funding mechanisms that have accreted over the past 50 years.

This section shall not preempt, annul, or alter any contractual restrictions or obligations existing before November 28, 1990, that prevent or limit an owner of eligible low-income housing from prepaying the mortgage on the housing (or terminating the insurance contract on the housing).

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(2) the claimed invention was described in a patent issued under section 151, or in an application for patent published or deemed published under section 122(b), in which the patent or application, as the case may be, names another inventor and was effectively filed before the effective filing date of the claimed invention.

SECTION 112.122. CFR › Title 21 › Volume 2 › Chapter I › Subchapter B › Part 112 › Subpart L › Section 112.122. 112.122 What buildings are subject to the requirements of this subpart § 112.122 What buildings are subject to the requirements of this subpart?

Prior Provisions. A prior section 320 of Pub. L. 92-225 was renumbered section 315, and is classified to section 30116 of this title.. Another prior section 320 of Pub. L. 92-225 was classified to section 441 of Title 2, The Congress, prior to repeal by Pub. L. 94-283.. Another prior section 320 of Pub. L. 92-225 was renumbered section 314, and is classified to section 30115 of this title.

Section. Go! 42 U.S. Code § 5712 - Transferred . U.S. Code ; Notes ; prev | next. Editorial Notes. Codification. Section 5712 was editorially reclassified as section 11212 of Title 34, Crime Control and Law Enforcement. U.S. Code Toolbox Law about... Articles from Wex. Table of Popular Names.

under Section 122(i) of CERCLA, 42 U.S.C. § 9622(i). In accordance with Section 122(i)(3) of CERCLA, EPA may withhold its consent or seek to modify this Settlement if comments received disclose facts or considerations that indicate that this Settlement is inappropriate, improper, or inadequate. 28.

The court's decision in the case, Twitter v. Taamneh, No. 21-1496, allowed the justices to avoid ruling on the scope of Section 230, a law intended to nurture what was then a nascent creation ...

Section 23 is to come into force on 25 July 2023. That section inserts a new Part into the schedule of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 that contains transitional, savings, and related provisions. The new Part includes provisions relating to dealing with applications to act as a financial institution from existing banks, insurers, and non-bank deposit takers.

In October 2022, the US Supreme Court heard two cases filed by the Students For Fair Admissions (SFFA) organization, both challenging the constitutionality of affirmative action—or "race-conscious admissions policies"—at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. Affirmative action aims to address racial discrimination by ...

The 1,032,884 tickets sold means the event is set to surpass France's 2019 World Cup as the most attended standalone women's sporting event in history, FIFA said.

State track & field championships will unfold Friday and Saturday at Middletown High School. Have a look at how Section 4 athletes have been seeded. Boys Division I100m: 47-Jacy Wilson Binghamton ...

The title of your defined interaction flow appears in the Title pane. You can modify the title based on your design need. In the View Setting drop-down, select any of the presets and set link access permissions to share your design specs or prototypes. Click Create Link. The URL appears in Link Settings pane.

Pop & Rock. "For the festival set, the season begins with Gov Ball ," our critic writes. The three-day concert series, at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, includes Lizzo, Kendrick Lamar ...

Tisch dance professor Elizabeth Coker and Steinhardt physical therapy professor Anat Lubetzky teamed up to develop Home Balance Test, an app that uses a smartphone's sensors to track how much a user sways while carrying out a set of balancing tasks. With the data it collects, health providers can help identify those—particularly older ...

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